Deluxe Edition

Deluxe Edition

The full movie in HD with extra content including trailers, artwork and music.

Digital film in 480p/720p and 1080p which is downloadable
Extra deleted scenes
Music from the film
Special Artwork

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Deluxe Edition

13 Videos

  • Jengo Hooper's Polaroids

    A collection of Polaroid photo's found at 'Jengo Hoopers' home.

  • Jengo Hooper The Movie (No subtitles)

    The Digital copy of JENGO HOOPER.

    Jengo Hooper is a gory GRINDHOUSE horror movie shot with the look of Super 8mm film, directed by J.Wheeler.

    A man named Jake Weaver stumbles across an old Jailakung board which he played around with not knowing it would open up the gates of hell. A demoni...

  • Jengo Hooper Trailer

    The Official Trailer.

  • What Jengo Hooper keeps in his Bathroom

    A short video showing what Jengo keeps in his bathroom.

  • Jengo Hooper 'I Did it My Way'

    Jengo did it his way!

  • Warped Jengo Prayer (Audio)

    The Warped Jengo Prayer (Audio).

  • Tunnel of Voices by Joe Wheeler

    Track features in the film.

  • The Cult of Jengo Choir

    A track that appears in the cult scene.

  • The Curse of Jengo (Teaser Trailer)

    The Curse of Jengo Teaser Trailer.

    This movie is the prequel film to the award winning Grindhouse movie 'Jengo Hooper'. The prequel film is also filmed in the grindhouse style and takes place 2 years before the Jengo Hooper movie and delves into the story of how Jake discovers an old ancient s...

  • Jengo Says

    This is a track that features in the Jengo Hooper movie.

  • Jengo talks briefly about the RIP Horror Festival

    This was a short video created just before the RIP Horror Film Festival back in November 2014.

  • A Grindhouse Music Video

    A Grindhouse music video that features in the movie. Song performed by Alize Levy.

    Filmed in the style of the old grindhouse films of the 1960s/70s. It was filmed to look like it was shot on super 8mm film by members of Jengo's Cult of Sins.

  • Grindhouse Extras

    Some grindhouse advertising followed by a psychedelic animation. The adverts are grindhouse/exploitation commercials.

    The Psychedelic animation is called Malice in Wonderland. Vince Collins did the animation with graphic design by Miwako on this 1982 acid trip adaptation of Lewis Carroll's Ali...


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